Between The Sheets

Between The Sheets

The buzziest businesses these days are the ones that are disrupting the status quo. With virtually everything up for grabs – from Uber taking on taxis to Airbnb taking on hotels – from people that want to share how they do things better, it’s a cool time for innovation. Heck, when even how you think about bedsheets is part of the picture, then you know there’s no end to how many cool ways we can change our world.

Bedface Bed

So who’s the disrupter in this case? It’s bedface, a new sheet brand out of Vancouver, BC that has the charming mission of wanting to the make the best damn sheets on the internet. How does one accomplish such a goal? First, create crazy comfortable sheets from pure proprietary cotton, called facetech. This cozy material has a slightly thicker and more textured matte finish, giving it a luxe feeling. While all cotton is breathable (a must-have for a comfortable sleep), facetech is extra breathable thanks to the fabric’s bigger threads and looser weave. Plus, it’s pre-washed before you get it so the sheets feel nice and plush from day one.

‘The next ingredient to success? Colour! You all know my obsession with colourful things, and bedface delivers by offering all of their sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases in a range of hues from classic neutrals to vibrant, punchy tones. You can mix and match them in any combination you like,


If you want to get creative, you can mix and match duvets and sheets to your heart’s content until you find that perfect combo. It also allows for an at-a-glance peek at what’s in stock too and see the pricing pretty easily, which is also part of the brand’s winning combination – they work directly with their manufacturer to drive the cost down, so prices for a total set start at just $239 for a Queen bed.

Bedface Group

But wait, there’s more! After you’ve nailed down your dream sleep set, because this is a Canadian company, you’ll be happy to hear the shipping rates are totally reasonable. $9 will get your custom sheets out to you in under a week OR you can share your purchase to social media to nab free shipping. Holla!. Plus the snaps on their duvets are guaranteed for life.


Convinced? Enthralled? In love? Clamouring? Let’s recap what’s great about bedface:

  • Canadian!
  • Affordable prices thanks to close manufacturing relationships
  • 3 colour combinations
  • Low cost (or free) shipping
  • Lifetime guarantee on duvet snaps
  • Breathable, proprietary luxurious cotton fabric

They are very popular with college and the university crowd heading back-to-school

Meet facetech™

Meet facetech

In starting bedface and embarking on our linen revolution, we wanted to take the guesswork out of choosing the right bedding fabric. That’s why we have created facetech™ cotton, developed with quality, breathability, comfort, and durability in mind, and used in all of our products.

Why You’ll Love It.

facetech™ isn’t your average bedding fabric and believe me when we tell you, we tested a whole lot of fabrications to arrive at this one. facetech™ is made of 100% premium long staple cotton, has a matte finish, and is slightly thicker and more textured than traditional bedding giving it a unique artisan quality. Using bigger threads, woven in a slightly looser weave, facetech™ breathes exceptionally well and regulates your temperature. You will never be too hot or too cold, so this fabrication is great to sleep in all year round.

While other bedding brands include anti-wrinkle treatments and added softeners to make their sheets feel great initially, these wear off in only a few washes and leave you with underwhelming sheets. At bedface, we have taken the opposite approach and have designed our sheets with longevity in mind. Our sheets come pre-washed giving them a lovely lived-in feel and free from anti-wrinkle treatments or added softeners will only get softer and even better with each wash and use. What’s better? We are so confident that you’ll love facetech™, we back all of our bedface sheets by a 100 night guarantee.

bedface is ranked # 1 from The Sleep Sherpa

We are beyond excited to be ranked # 1 in bedding from The Sleep Sherpa.  Check out our review here: