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Effects of Deep Pressure Stimulation on Physiological Arousal

Deep pressure stimulation has been used in therapeutic practice because of the assumption that it changes physiological arousal. The purpose of this study was to test the effects of deep pressure stimulation, applied with a Vayu Vest (Therapeutic Systems), on both autonomic arousal and performance in a normative adult sample. A repeated-measures, repeated-baseline design was used with participants completing a performance test before and after deep pressure application. A convenience sample of 50 adults participated in the study. Results showed that wearing the Vayu Vest for even short periods of time reduced sympathetic arousal and non–stimulus-driven electrical occurrences. Concomitant increases in parasympathetic arousal were found. Performance improvements were noted after wearing the Vayu Vest, potentially because of changes in arousal. We conclude that deep pressure stimulation is capable of eliciting changes in autonomic arousal and may be a useful modality in diagnostic groups seen by occupational therapy practitioners.

The first "Haven Mattress Experience Centre" opens in Kelowna BC

July 9, 2018 New Mission Neighbourhood Development Opens Sleep Experience Centre Featuring Local Mattress Products Kestrel Ridge, the latest neighbourhood development by Rykon Construction, has chosen Haven Mattress Company as its exclusive provider of mattresses and sleep products. KELOWNA, BC - Contemporary luxury home design meets made-in-Canada premium comfort at Kestrel Ridge, where Rykon Construction has selected the Kelowna-based Haven Mattress Company as its exclusive mattress and sleep products provider. The collaboration between Haven and Rykon arose when the founders of the two companies discovered their mutual love of the Okanagan lifestyle. “The Okanagan is a very active community, where people are quite focused on healthy living,” says Haven Mattress CEO Scott Amis, “which is why launching our first sleep experience centre is so exciting. We’re eager to find ways to help Kelownites improve their waking hours through better sleep.” Haven selected Rykon Construction as an ideal development partner after seeing firsthand Rykon’s commitment to promoting community wellness. Rykon was one of the first developers to incorporate health and wellness concerns into its community layouts, making Kestrel Ridge an ideal testing ground for Haven’s plant-based, chemical-free mattresses. Haven Mattress Company sells direct-to-consumer sleep products through its online store, shipping made-in-Canada luxury memory foam mattresses to consumers for up to 70% less than retail price. Haven mattresses are manufactured in Moncton, New Brunswick and will soon be produced in a second facility that recently opened in Calgary, Alberta. Haven mattresses are made from 100% plant-based low-emission memory foam that promotes natural, healthy sleep. Haven is the only mattress that is a Health Canada-approved medical device and a Canadian Chiropractic Association-approved spine health device. The Kestrel Ridge show home is also the headquarters for the Haven Sleep Experience Centre, where visitors will find a full range of Haven sleep products available for browsing. Visitors can try out a Haven in person, test the latest pillow, and discover the ease and style of the snap-platform base at the Haven Sleep Experience Centre at 5422 Upper Mission Drive between 12 PM and 4 PM. For more information, contact Haven Mattress at or 1.844.MYHAVEN (694-2836).

Haven Mattress Snuggles Up With HGTV’s Bryan and Sarah Baeumler

 Canada’s luxury direct-to-door mattress company, has partnered with HGTV Canada’s most popular couple -


Vancouver, BC (October 1, 2017) – Canada’s Haven Mattress is excited to announce its partnership with Bryan and Sarah Baeumler. This comfy relationship began when the couple made a switch to the Haven Rejuvenate Luxury Mattress.


Bryan says the partnership with Haven was an easy decision. “Their mattresses offer the best in the business at a very affordable price. We all know getting a good night’s rest is a must have and a Haven mattress allows us to sleep soundly and wake refreshed. What more can you ask. But what really stood out for us was Haven’ dedication to charity. For every ten mattresses sold one is donated to charities across Canada.  Sarah and I loved the fact that this was a key element of the company’s ethics and it’s something we are proud to support.”  


Kellie Amis, COO of Haven says partnering with the most recognizable builder in Canada and a leader in interior design has created a lot of excitement. She explained, “Welcoming Bryan and Sarah to the Haven team made sense for both sides as the couple’s advocacy for high-quality products, married with luxury standards, is a perfect fit for Haven’s marketing plan.”  


A veteran contractor, Bryan is respected as Canada’s number one expert in Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. A natural-born teacher, the award-winning host has been educating and entertaining viewers across Canada and the U.S. for over ten years on the hit shows House of Bryan, Disaster DIYLeave it to Bryan and most recently, Bryan Inc.


Sarah Baeumler joined Bryan on HGTV Canada when House of Bryan showcased the Baeumlers building their own home. Sarah’s gift for interior design was showcased and she has since become one of the frontrunners in Canadian decorating and design.


The Baeumler’s busy filming schedule and hectic family life means they understand how Haven’s ability to send mattresses via mail makes choosing the perfect mattress enjoyable.  Families can shop with leisure and dragging the whole family to the store is a thing of the past. Affordable and good value adds up for Haven customers who win big by avoiding the overhead costs of showrooms, wholesale and retail mark-ups.

The company’s products are hand-tailored in a fair wage certified facility in New Brunswick, Canada.  


About Haven Mattress


Haven Mattress is a Canadian owned and operated company with offices in Mississauga, Ont and Kelowna BC. specializing in making of health improving beds, mattresses and sleep products. The company makes hand-tailored mattresses in Canada with the help of highly skilled technicians using top-quality materials. The company mission is to change the way customers shop and improve the sleeping situation for all along the way. Haven donates one bed to charity for each ten on-line sales.


Media inquiries may be directed to:  Kellie Amis, Haven COO

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