Any trace of lower back pain/stiffness is gone

Any trace of lower back pain/stiffness is gone

Exceptional Service, Amazing Mattress
"After suffering with progressively worsening lower back pain for some time, I finally made the smart move to invest in my well being and purchased a mattress better suited to my body's needs. From beginning to end, I can't say enough about how exceptional the experience with Haven has been.

From the point of purchase the customer service

was on point and very helpful. I had a number of rather specific questions about composition and dimension, all of which they answered quickly and completely. The mattress arrived ahead of schedule and was very easy to handle and maneuver. Once in place the opening tool was a breeze and the mattress sprang to life.
It seems odd to think that something that pliable could offer the firmness needed to properly support your back, but it undoubtedly delivers. Once in place, it took a couple of nights for my body to adjust after being subjected to a soft, spring mattress for the last 6 years. Since then, it's been absolute smooth sailing through the night - leaving me feeling as good in the morning as I can remember.

Any trace of lower back pain/stiffness is gone and I honestly look forward to lying down on my bed. It's sad, but the worst thing so far has been that I've been more fussy about sleeping anywhere else. i knew a firmer mattress was something I needed, but I've been blown away by how much of a difference the Haven mattress has made.

I highly recommend this product but, even more than that, recommend in investing in something so critical to your health. We spend more of our lives sleeping than almost anything else, and it's when our bodies do their most important work. For what will amount to pennies a night, make the smart move and make the easy investment in both your health and comfort."

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