Athletic Performance from your mattress?

Athletic Performance from your mattress?

We partnered with Goodlife Fitness this year and are now getting some great feedback from Athletes on all levels, on how changing small details like upgrading the mattress you sleep on can positively affect daytime performance. 

Sufficient sleep is certainly one of the keys to optimum performance, whether on the court, on the pitch, or even at the gym. Athletes who regularly get the required 7–10 hours of eye-shut are quicker, sharper, and faster. They are more accurate, more retentive, and more energetic yet less vulnerable to injuries.

A good night's sleep is that vital to athletic performance, and that is why more and more athletes are turning to sleep doctors like Czeisler for tips on how to consistently get enough sleep. For the average Joe who has trouble shutting off at night, sleep tips can be very useful. Haven designers recommend a few tips (e.g., cool the bedroom down or avoid caffeine and alcohol) on how to not only fall asleep quickly, but to also sleep soundly.

Performance is the end product of mostly behind-the-scenes work—the intense training, the healthy lifestyle, the consistent habits, and yes, adequate sleep.

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