Innovation Through Collaboration.

Innovation Through Collaboration.

Haven Mattress Co. is fully committed to being one of Canada's most innovative new brands. Delivering hand-made in Canada, natural mattresses and soon a range of feel good sleep products to complement them. Haven founders knew innovation was going to be a core value to on-line sales. From packaging, aggressive pricing and even the ability to deliver a luxury mattresses right to your door direct with in days of being fresh made requires new ideas.

To aid Haven team in innovation, we chose to set up our corporate head office in a collaborative work space. For the past 6 years Okanagan CoLabs, has brought together talented free-lancers, Entrepreneurs and companies looking to scale like Haven.

"Finding a like minded community, is so critical to upstarts and having a large talent pool of supporter to collaborate with has been key to our growth and success". Todd Gillick V.P. of Sales

Here is a few CoLab-ers taking a break at the Haven nap centre.


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