Mamas for Mamas selected first donation recipients of Haven mattresses

Mamas for Mamas selected first donation recipients of Haven mattresses

My name is Shannon Christensen and I am the Founder of Mamas for Mamas, a community-driven platform where low-income mothers can request donated items and enroll in community support programs.

Within our platform no money is exchanged as kindness is our currency. I am passionate about making a change and aligning myself with other like-minded individuals. I personally know the people who started Haven Mattress Co. and am thrilled to partner with them in order to help members of our community that are most in need.

When I first heard about the Haven concept of donating a mattress for every 10 mattresses sold, I was blown away. This is huge! Its people and companies like these that are willing to make less profit in order to help those less fortunate. If we all had a sense of social responsibility like Haven Mattress Co. the world would certainly be a better place.

The concept of a #SafeHaven 1 to 10 donation is incredibly generous and we are grateful to be the recipient of such a donation. Im sure it would shocking to most people to know the depths of poverty that are experienced right here in our own backyards. Things like a clean, dry and warm place to sleep are not taken for granted. Thank you Haven Mattress for all that you do, we truly appreciate it and so do our deserving Mamas and their families!


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