New Haven Recharge Mattress (plug yourself in)

New Haven Recharge Mattress (plug yourself in)

Today's demands are a constant drain. That's why we engineered our most affordable Haven to have the key features that young people are looking for.

  • Celliant technology returns infra-red energy to your body for improved cell repair.
  • Natural Bamboo topper wicks away moisture so those after last call sweats aren't a concern.
  • 1" Cool gel memory foam topper provides just the right amount of spring and bounce.
  • The 5" (high density) memory foam core provides a very firm resistance and contours to your body shape.

After hours of study, work or play. This new mattress is a perfect place to RECHARGE. Introductory offer starting at $349. Free Delivery and returns. 100 night risk free trial.

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