Too firm, Too soft and a finally a mattress that's Just Right!

Too firm, Too soft and a finally a mattress that's Just Right!

If you have ever shopped for a mattress you were segregated into a firm or soft category. The truth about mattress firmness preferences is in many ways a myth. Almost all sleepers benefit from the rest and rejuvenation of proper spine alignment delivered by a firm supportive surface.

Haven achieves this desired effect in all our beds by building a strong support core of HD High Density bio foam. In addition most folks don't want to sleep on too firm a slab. Introducing the Haven transition layer that lessens the harshness of the firm HD core. Now comes the top layer of quick response deep sinking memory foam with "Cool Gel".

Now for a real luxurious mattress feel, we add to our Rejuvenate 10" the quick response comfort layer of NgLatex® this is a blended Talalay Latex. It uses natural rubber tree sap and synthetic Latex that is guaranteed to be more consistent and feel amazing.

No other mattress addresses the need to be firm and comfortably soft all at the same time. That's another Haven difference you feel every night. Just a few of the things that separate us from our competitors like Casper. Made in Canada with the highest quality ingredients. Try one today!


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