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Why sell mattresses online?

Why sell mattresses online?

“In the last five years, we saw a deterioration of the customer experience in store and we didn’t know why,” says Juan Sanchez, co-founder of The Naked Mattress. “Was it the consumer not having patience to go into the store and learn? Was it the salesperson trying to get a quick deal? Was there too much selection? Obviously Caspar has let people know that it’s okay to buy a mattress online and we’re in the same kind of category.”

Sanchez worked in sales for another mattress manufacturer before launching the Toronto-based platform with Deanna Bartucci, the company’s president, about a year ago. “We knew we wanted to take the mattress thing online, we just didn’t know how. We wanted to make it simple, make it quicker, make it much more enjoyable,” he says.

Others, such as Haven Mattress, are also trying to give consumers something unique and, above all else, simple.

“We started Haven for a number of reasons. Mostly we see the furniture industry being prime for disruption,” says co-founder Kellie Amis. “Some of the old paradigms around the ‘customer journey’ needed serious reconsidering. Haven’s goal was to simplify an intimidating shopping experience and through our vertical integration, offer value for the money.”




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