Zero Off Gassing and Your Family

Zero Off Gassing and Your Family

The concept of off gassing was not new to us. It started for us many years earlier when our family purchased our first brand new home. Don't get me wrong, it was a dream to design and build something as exciting as our family dwelling. Until both of our young kids started getting sick. Ear and throat infections, numerous colds that seemed to go right to their lungs. It got to the point where both of them were diagnosed with Asthma and were relegated to life on steroids and puffers. Luckily we move to an older home a couple of years later. It didn't have the fancy windows, fresh paint, R rating factors on insulation or all the brand spanking new finishings. More importantly than any of that, it had a way lower "Chemical Emission". Within a month or so, miraculously both our kids had completely dropped the puffers and life and health returned to normal. A huge lesson was learned.

When you know better, you do better!

When we started Haven Mattress Co. we stayed far away from chemical fire retardants, plastics, heavy metals found in other mattresses. Our Certipur tested ingredients cost more to produce, but we know the HaveN where you and your family lay your heads down at night is a safe and chemical off gassing free place. Zero off gassing is a key reason we love HaveN.

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