Haven Mattress Company

Proudly and authentically Canadian! Our mattress is hand tailored in Canada, by highly skilled craftsmen using top-quality materials. Fair wages and good working conditions are a must. Sweet Dreams and Social Responsibility!

Who is Haven?

Haven is the creation of industry veterans with decades of experience, individuals with a passion for health and wellness.

We partner with a major manufacturer with strong roots in Canada going back 60 years. Haven's top mattress designers have designed many of the millions of beds sold in retail stores across Canada under other top brand names. Blend in a desire to incorporate their creativity and knowledge to fulfill the needs of the growing number of consumers that want to buy an ideal mattress from the comfort of their own home. Haven is driven to cut the massive mark ups related to the retail store buying experience. We have built in a sustainable small profit that incorporates our desire for giving back. Our 10 to 1 Safe Haven program means that for every 10 mattresses we sell, we donate 1 to a person in need.

Where is Haven made?

Our mattress is made in New Brunswick, Canada by highly skilled craftsmen using top-quality materials that are also sourced in Canada.

What is the SafeHaven 1 For 10 Donations?

For every 10 mattresses that we sell we will donate a #safehaven mattress to a shelter, registered charity or within an area of need to help those who are struggling. These beds are purpose built for the needs of our charity partners. Profit is of course important but so is being a good citizen of this earth and giving back to those in need. We hope other retailer will learn to take a little less and give a little more.

How does Haven offer such a great value?

We offer a direct to consumer distribution channel without the indulgent showrooms and expensive warehouses. Our state of the art vacuum packaging allows an amazingly high quality product to be compressed and rolled tight. Shipped right to your door in a standard shipping box. Great products delivered in a new way that saves our customers real money. That's what turns customers into fans. We love to hear what our customer are saying and appreciate every single one of you!