Introducing the Lux 14"

Introducing the Lux 14"

The most plush Haven ever

Special introductory prices

Chiropractic Spine Alignment

Now in Contour Zoned or Firm
Sleep better...for a better you

Great sleep is a critical step in living your very best life.

More natural ingredients and the latest is sleep technologies combine without compromise.

Give your body the support it requires and the comfort that it craves.

#1 plant-based memory foam mattress

Your bedroom should be a healthy Haven for you to recharge from the pressures of the day. We hand build each mattress with the very best natural materials, delivering you a scent-free environment for years to come. Make more of your day and breathe easy knowing you are making the nature of your sleep, natural again.

Cruelty Free. Sustainable. Toxin Free. Lower Eco-Footprint

#1 plant-based memory foam mattress

No more 'too HOT' or 'too COLD'

Forget about tossing and turning for comfort. Haven sleepers get more done because they are well rested, staying in that “Goldilocks zone” all night.

Think of the difference you can make when you harness the deep sleep that comes from the 5 Haven temperature control innovations . Each keeping you in the "Just right" zone for a proper night's sleep.

No more 'too HOT' or 'too COLD'

Contouring is better than pressure

Each haven sleeper is different so we offer 2 levels of firmness in most Havens. For those who prefer softness, our "ZONED" design is more ergonomic to your body. The zoned middle of the Haven is softer to allow your hips and shoulders more room to sink. This aids in spine alignment.

Some havens can be ordered as "FRIM" where the density of foam is uniform from head to toe.

Contouring is better than pressure

Made-in-Canada, free shipping and returns, 100 night in-home trial

  • Where it's made matters. You prefer to support local businesses as long as it doesn't come at a premium price
  • We make each Haven fresh-to-order mostly by hand and ship them out in 2-3 days
  • Conveniently delivered right to your door
  • If you change your mind, we will take it away with-in 100 nights and refund you fully. No hidden fees.
  • Made-in-Canada, free shipping and returns, 100 night in-home trial

    Haven: Canada’s first on-line Chiropractic® mattress

    Chiropractic® Havens provide additional support for your hips and core areas with additional softer give to alleviate pressure points. The outcome is a mattress that delivers the correct spinal alignment to aid in improved sleep quality and overall spinal health.

    4 million Canadians visit a chiropractor each year to promote health and alleviate pain. They are the spine, muscle and nervous system experts.
    That's why we're proud to offer you a good night's sleep approved by the experts!

    We've got your back.

    Why Haven?

    • Convenience

      Exclusively available online, your Haven mattress is made fresh to order & arrives in just a few days. Our customers stories.
    • Quality

      Our luxury mattress is a proprietary blend of 4 layers that are handcrafted in Toronto or Calgary by skilled Canadians
    • Luxury and Value

      Comparable mattresses sell in retail stores for 2 to 3 times our price often with fewer features and benefits. What's the secret?
    • Compact Size

      Using the highest quality materials allows us to compress your Haven without compromising support or longevity. The compact size of all our products is eco-friendly and makes them easy to set up in hard to reach places.

      The mattress company that gives back

      Haven's mission is, quite simply, "better sleep for all."

      That's why we have multiple charity initiatives to make better sleep attainable for more Canadians.

      Our Safe Haven 1 for 10 program is our flagship charity initiative. For every 10 mattresses we sell, we donate 1 mattress to a registered Canadian charity.

      That means every Haven you buy can help fund a new mattress for worthy organizations including shelters for women, youth and the chronically homeless.

    • 100 night in-home trial

      100 night in-home trial

      It's your home, rest easy.
      Take some time, try it out and get use to it.

      Haven's healthier sleep surface is so great we want you to try it in your home risk free for up to 100 nights.

      100 night in-home trial
    • Clinically proven body recovery technology

      Clinically proven body recovery technology

      "High performance depends more on what you do outside of the gym. Haven's technology works with my body while I sleep. I have gained a competitive advantage in body recovery and reduced pain." Team Canada Olympian, Kevin Hill.

      Clinically proven body recovery technology
    • Every layer of Haven is great

      Every layer of Haven is great

      - The beautiful cover features clinically proven "Body Recovery Technology", vent woven top layer with dry wick renewable bamboo

      - Comfort layer of vented Talalay NgLatex® with Hypothalamus temperature control

      - Transition Layer of plant-based PuRGel® quick response, organic Bio Foam™for maximum body contouring

      - Firm Support Layer of hi-density, slow sink response, virgin, organic HD Bio Foam™.

      - Stylish bottom cover with zipper.

      Every layer of Haven is great