Hand Crafted Canadian Quality Since 1949 

Hand Crafted Canadian Quality Since 1949 

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Chiropractic Approved

Springwall Chiropractic® Havens provide additional support layers made with either high density foams or innerspring coils. We engineer each Haven to reduce pressure points in your hips and core areas with the option of softer zoned layers to allow more sink-in feeling.
The outcome is a mattress that delivers the correct spinal alignment to aid in improved sleep quality and overall spinal health.

We've got your back!

Clinical studies verify Haven's blend of minerals harness infrared energy
directly to your muscles and tissues.
So you get a restorative boost
while you sleep.
And wake up energized and refreshed  

Cruelty-free testing.
For a more natural mattress
we use water-based adhesives
that are food grade quality.
Using renewable plant-based foams
lowers your eco-foot print  

Making your Haven in Canada ensures we know exactly what's going into it. No chemical fire retardants are added.  To ensure your families safety, we have Havens test by Ceritpur 
less than 0.5 parts per million

The Comfort of perfect Temperature Control 

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Forget about tossing and turning for comfort.
Haven sleepers get more done because they are well rested,
staying in that “Goldilocks zone” all night.
Think of the difference you can make when you harness the deep sleep that comes from the 5 Haven temperature control innovations . Each keeping you in the "Just right" zone for a proper night's sleep.

Shopping for a mattress shouldn't keep you up at night

9 key Haven Benefits

  • Reduced pressure points from Natural Latex
  • Chiropractic Approved Mattress
  • Vegan Plant-Based Foams
  • Designed by industry professionals
  • Body Boosting Celliant minerals
  • Available in all foam / innerspring foam hybrid
  • Quick delivery made in Calgary or Toronto
  • Factory direct prices, no gimmicks
  • 1 Safe Charity Donation for each 10 sold 

Don't compromise on the "one mattress fits all "brands

Which Haven suits your sleep style?

14" LUX Mattress, the latest sleep technology

Technology Used:

• Clinically proven
 Infrared light
body recovery therapy
• Cooling Copper infused latex 

• Plant-based cooling PuRGel®
• Organic High Density Bio Foam™

• Plush or Firm transition layer

• STA-Cool Moisture Management
• Variable density independent coils

Materials Used:

• Talalay vented NgLatex®

• Natural Bamboo

• Celliant mineral pillow top
• Anti-microbial Copper

• SleepDeep HD Gel Foam
• 2,400 Innerspring support

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